10 Anime Characters Who Can Kill Their Opponents Instantly

10 Anime Characters Who Can Kill Their Opponents Instantly

Generally, anime characters are balanced in their battles with each other. The most compelling fights can sometimes even last twenty or more episodes, illustrating how evenly matched both combatants are. By the time the dust settles, the audience feels as if the duel could have gone either way and that their tension was properly addressed.

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However, some individuals are able to kill their opponents instantly, meaning that only a handful of opponents can compete with them. Their terrifyingly powerful abilities show just how dangerous they are and allow them to accomplish their goals with almost complete impunity.

10/10 Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing Technique enabled instant decapitation

Demon Slaughter

Zenitsu in his unconscious state prepares to attack Son Spider in Demon Slayer.

Zenitsu’s “Thunder Breathing” technique made him one of the most powerful characters in the Demon Slaughter. When unconscious, he could blitz enemies in an electric flash, decapitating them in an instant. Even he did not fully realize how deadly the maneuver was.

Although Zenitsu’s techniques were limited and highly conditional, they proved effective in killing intended targets instantly. Combined with his amazing agility and reflexes, almost no demons were able to survive an encounter with the technique he perfected since childhood.

9/10 Ban’s fox hunt was sickeningly effective

Seven Deadly Sins

forbid seven deadly sins

Ban’s “Fox Hunt” technique blurred the lines between heroes and villains Seven Deadly Sins. With a simple flick of his wrist, he could remotely rip out his enemy’s heart by pulling it into the palm of his hand.

Against the Holy Knights and any ordinary person, this effectively made Ban an invincible opponent. The only reason he fought members of the Ten Commandments was because demons had multiple hearts that he couldn’t tear out at once. In any other anime, Ban would be unbeatable.

8/10 Overhaul can reduce enemies to a bloody mist

My Hero Academia

Overhaul from My Hero Academia.

Overhaul’s Quirk made him one of the most lethal melee characters in the My Hero Academia. By touching an enemy he could reduce them to a bloody mist regardless of size or durability. This made him nearly unstoppable at close range, with his only weakness being relatively poor reflexes.

Regardless, Overhaul used his power to defeat or destroy major characters. He killed Magne and destroyed Compress’s arm, which dealt a devastating blow to the League Of Villains. Interestingly, Overhaul was also able to revive those he killed within a short time frame, as seen through his interaction with Rappa.

7/10 Onoki’s particle style was unstoppable


Onoki uses particle style

Onoki’s particle style was the most lethal attack in Naruto. Once concentrated, it disintegrated into dust. Regardless of the opponent’s durability, it can destroy them without fail.

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Besides, even arcane defenses weren’t fit to beat it. For example, the particle style was very effective against susanoo, a sharingan-based jutsu known for its defensive properties. Considering that Onoki’s flight allowed him to attack from any angle, it arguably made him the most lethal of the five Kage that attacked Madara.

6/10 Almost nothing could survive Bertholdt’s detonation

Attack on Titan

Bertholdt's Colossal Titan destroys the gate to Shiganshina in Attack on Titan.

The Colossal Titan’s size wasn’t its only asset Attack on Titan. Upon activation, it unleashed a massive explosion that dissolved everything in the blast radius. Such power was used effectively by both Bertholdt and Armin to destroy their enemies.

The explosion was so powerful that despite Hange being quite distant and protected by one of their comrades, they were still severely maimed at the end of the battle. Should a titan shifter be in Colossal’s immediate vicinity, their enhanced forms would not protect them.

5/10 Lelouch could order his opponent’s death

Code Geass

Lelouch makes a plan in Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Resurrection.

Lelouch had the most powerful ability in Code Geass. It allowed him to issue a command to his target, effectively overriding their will and replacing it with his own. Although instructions against a character’s nature were more prone to resistance, no one could stave off Lelouch’s influence forever.

When British soldiers surrounded and attempted to attack him, he ordered them to slaughter themselves. Within seconds the entire battalion had been gunned down, leaving him as the exclusive survivor of the carnage. Even so, Lelouch’s ability only worked if he was able to make direct eye contact with his target.

4/10 Vanilla ice cream destroyed opponents with his cream stand

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Custard ice cream in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

Vanilla Ice’s “Cream” Stand ranked among the most powerful in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It sucked its victims into a destructive vacuum, instantly killing those who crossed its path.

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As the Crusaders entered DIO’s mansion, Avdol pushed Polnareff out of the way just as Ice lashed out. However, since Avdol captured Ice directly, nothing remained of his body except for a broken pair of bloody arms. Considering Ice could completely submerge himself in his stand, it was a perfect combination of offense and defense.

3/10 Great Mother could take the victim’s entire lifetime

One Piece

Charlotte Linlin - better known as Big Mom - with the powers of the Soul-Soul Fruit in One Piece.

Big Mom’s Devil Fruit turned her into a terrifying force One Piece. She could steal any amount of the target’s life and put it into inanimate objects that served her will. They became known as “Homies”, unnatural creatures designed for their loyalty and destructive prowess.

Since Big Mom chose how many years she took off a victim, she could theoretically kill anyone instantly. However, the Soul-Soul Fruit did not work if her opponents were not afraid of her or death.

2/10 Shigaraki can turn enemies to dust

My Hero Academia

Shigaraki in My Hero Academia.

Shigaraki’s “Decay” Quirk evolved to the point of being nearly unstoppable. Everything he touched rotted away, and the corrosion spread rapidly. Should it come into contact with a living person, that person would die almost instantly.

Combined with superhuman strength, speed, and durability, Shigaraki became a formidable opponent that required several high-ranking heroes to confront. Even then, he still managed to destroy an entire city, forcing them to split their efforts between evacuating innocent people and addressing the threat that risked causing even more indiscriminate carnage.

1/10 Light Yagami’s kills were quick and efficient

Death note

Light Yagami/Kira from Death Note.

Light Yagami’s control over the notebook made him the most powerful character in Death note. By visualizing a victim’s face as he wrote down their name, he could kill them instantly after forty seconds. Should the cause of death be unspecified, they would die of a heart attack.

But if Light adapted their demise, they would perish in much more creative ways. For example, he ordered an investigator’s wife to take her own life to avoid suspicion. Since heart attacks became Kira’s method of choice, he didn’t want the authorities to think his latest victim had a lead on him.

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