10 Anime Characters Who Are Great Listeners

10 Anime Characters Who Are Great Listeners

The ability to listen is important in communication. It helps to inform others that you are paying attention, which promotes a conversation and makes the speaker feel that what they have to say is important. As a result, it’s an excellent way to endear yourself to others and potentially learn valuable information for posterity.

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There are many anime characters who have honed their listening skills. Whether they are genuinely concerned for the welfare of those around them or just trying to gain an advantage, such individuals never miss a detail – whatever is said to them will not soon be forgotten.

10/10 Jiro’s Quirk helps her listen

My Hero Academia

Kyoka Jiro sings in My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia’s Jiro is an information-based character. Her Quirk earphones allow her to place the plugs into nearby objects to detect what’s going on around her. Hypothetically, this means Jiro can listen in on conversations across an entire forest before relaying what was said back to her team.

The only UA student half as good a listener as Jiro is Shoji. However, his eyes have a limited range and are clearly visible to opponents.

9/10 Katara was an empathetic girl

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara holds an unconscious aang

Katara was one of the best listeners in Avatar: The Last Airbender. A naturally compassionate person, she took on a motherly role on Aang’s team and helped talk him through his problems. Katara’s ability to empathize with others came in handy when she heard about Hamas’ plight.

That meant that when she started attacking the innocent people of the Fire Nation, Katara was better equipped to stop her. After all, she had been aware of the old woman’s story about how the Fire Nation ruined her life, so the sudden turn of events was not surprising.

8/10 Jimbei helped Luffy through his worst trauma

One Piece

One Piece's Egghead Arc does the right thing with Jimbei

One Piece‘s Jimbei is among the most mature Straw Hat pirates. Given the immaturity of most of the crew, he serves an unofficial role as an advisor to the heroes’ needs. When Luffy was traumatized by Ace’s death in the aftermath of Marineford, it was Jimbei’s ability to listen that helped him instruct the captain on the way forward.

He also heard the other Fish-Men concerns before vouching for the Straw Hats on Fish-Man Island. His prestigious reputation as a wise and good person gave Luffy’s crew an opportunity to defeat Hody that they might not have had otherwise.

7/10 Annie could only listen for four years

Attack on Titan

Annie Leonhart - Attack On Titan

Attack on TitanAnnie Leonhart didn’t have much choice in being a good listener. When Eren nearly killed her in the sudden battle for Thrush, she desperately hardened her body into a crystal that no one could break.

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The move may have saved her, but Annie was effectively buried in her own ability. For four years, she was forced to listen to whoever crossed her path, either the citizens of the Garrison Unit or even Armin. When Annie was finally released, she was a changed person.

6/10 Lisa spied on Vulcan

Fire strength

Lisa from the fire brigade

firepower’s Lisa was a white-clad spy intent on infiltrating Vulcan’s residence and discovering the secrets of his technology. For years she posed as his girlfriend, carefully lending an ear to any information that might be useful to her secret masters.

When Giovanni arrived, Lisa understood that her list was finally over. Based on her closeness to him and how carefully she listened, Lisa had everything she needed to initiate the next phase of the white robed’s plan.

5/10 Hughes was listening too well for his own good

Full metal alchemist

Maes Hughes joins the conversation in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Maes Hughes was one of the most likable characters in Full metal alchemist regardless of his relatively short life. A credit to Amestris and a loving family man, he was always willing to give others attention when asked. Unfortunately, Hughes’ exceptional listening skills were ultimately his downfall.

After overhearing the homunculus’ plan, they identified Hughes as a target and killed him. It wasn’t until much later that Hughes’ brutal murder was explained, but by then the information he might have imparted to them was out there for all to see.

4/10 Killua is an excellent ear for gon

hunter x hunter

Killua smiles in Hunter X Hunter.

Despite an unusual upbringing which hunter x hunterKillua, who is the deadliest assassin, is a surprisingly good listener. He listened to Gon’s emphatic plans to find his father, even following him around the world to help fulfill his dream.

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In addition, Killua listened to Kurapika’s history with the Phantom Troupe and understood his friend’s desire for revenge. However, he convinced him that it would not put a permanent end to the organization and to consider another path instead. As a result, the squad was scattered for a significant period of time, all thanks to Killua’s ability to pay attention.

3/10 Konan was Nagato’s oldest ally


Other than Nagato himself, Konan was the only original Akatsuki member to last Naruto Shippuden. After witnessing Yahiko’s death firsthand, she understood Nagato’s suffering and how his new philosophy contrasted with what Jiraiya taught.

As a result, Konan was more inclined to listen to him and stayed by his side throughout almost the entire series. Whether defending him against Jiraiya or helping him destroy the blade, Konan followed Nagato’s instructions and followed them to the letter.

2/10 Kanjuro listened to the sheaths all his life

One Piece

Kanjuro Traitor Reveal

After the death of his family, Kanjuro dedicated his life to destroying Wano and its rulers. Orochi recruited him against this and instructed him to join Oden’s Scabbards as a retainer. Kanjuro considered it the role of a lifetime, spending over twenty years following Oden and Kin’emon.

He listened carefully for the Kozuki family’s next move, and relayed everything he heard back to the flower capital using an ink messenger pigeon. Kanjuro’s listening skills almost cost the samurai everything during the cinematic invasion of Onigashima at the end of the Wano arc.

1/10 L Considered every detail

Death note

L from Death Note crouched on a chair.

As Death notehis most skilled detective, it was L’s job to listen. Suspecting Light Yagami as Kira ever since he met him, he absorbed every detail and used the things his rival said to extrapolate clues on how to defeat him.

Listening to what Light told him, L realized that what he had heard was a lie. Before he died, he confronted him about it and boldly asked if he had ever actually told the truth. Light convincingly denied these aspersions, making their final one-on-one conversation melancholy and eerie.

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