10 Anime Characters Who Are Fated To Die

10 Anime Characters Who Are Fated To Die

Death follows most anime characters wherever they go. The unpredictable dangers await heroes at every corner, forcing them to become stronger to avoid an early death. Even in some of the more relaxed anime genres, such as slice-of-life or shojo, death is an inevitable part of life, just like in the real world.

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Most anime heroes try their best to avoid perishing before reaching their destination at the end of their journey. Still, for some characters, death is inevitable. These anime characters are fated to perish despite their best efforts to avoid their cruel fate.

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10/10 Mahoro chooses to spend his last year away from combat

Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden

The concept of the bittersweet romantic comedy Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden revolves around a battle android Mahoro Andou whose days are numbered. Mahoro runs out of remaining operating time, and retreats from protecting the universe.

Instead, the android wants to spend the rest of his life in peace working as a maid for a lonely middle school boy, Suguru Misato. Although it is difficult for Mahoro to figure out her true intentions, she does her best with the time she is given and forms a heartfelt bond with Suguru and his friends.

9/10 Yuji will be executed when he eats all of Sukuna’s fingers

Jujutsu Kaisen

Unlike most anime protagonists who work to delay their death as much as possible, Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen actually working towards being executed. When he consumes all 20 of Sukuna’s fingers, he will be killed to exorcise the almighty curse once and for all.

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While fans continuously speculate how Yuji can avoid his cruel fate, the boy accepts it himself. Instead of leading a meaningless existence, he is happy to perish while helping humanity. For Yuji, this noble sacrifice was a choice he made proudly.

8/10 Luffy’s Gear Second has the power to kill him

One Piece

One Pieceits cheerful hero Monkey D. Luffy is known for his careless attitude towards his own well-being. While Luffy would sacrifice his life for his precious nakama in a heartbeat, what will most likely ultimately kill the future pirate king is his own abilities.

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While undoubtedly powerful, Luffy’s strenuous Gear Second is confirmed to shorten his lifespan each time it is used. Reckless as ever, Luffy doesn’t pay much attention to the dangers of this attack, and uses it consistently in almost every fight.

7/10 Xerxes Break’s body dies due to two strenuous chain contracts

Pandora hearts

IN Pandora hearts, anyone who enters into a contract with a Chain, a creature born from the Abyss, strains their bodies. Enduring contracts with multiple chains is considered risky and even impossible. Still, Xerxes Break has several contracts, knowing that it will eventually kill him.

In his previous life, he formed an illegal contract with Albus the White Knight and later legally bound himself to the Mad Hatter. Anime watchers never got to see Break suffer the consequences of this. Yet manga readers know all too well about his devastating fate.

6/10 Misa traded half of her lifetime twice

Death note

The fate of Misa Amane, one of the most iconic characters in the Death note, is unclear. Still, her quick death is inevitable regardless of what reading of her conclusion in the story fans choose to believe. The anime leaves Misa on a literal cliffhanger, standing on the edge of a building.

The manga directly confirms her death. Still, even though she didn’t jump in the anime version, Misa’s days are numbered due to trading half of her life for the power of Shinigami eyes twice.

5/10 Izumi lost half of his internal organs through human transmutation

Full metal alchemist

Despite her outward toughness, Izumi Curtis from Full metal alchemist is a warm and kind-hearted woman with a special fondness for children. She and her husband, Sig, have always wanted children of their own. Yet, when Izumi finally managed to conceive, her child was stillborn.

Devastated by the tragedy, the woman attempted to revive her child through Human Transmutation, sacrificing parts of her internal organs. The toll left Izumi unable to have children and slowly dying, getting sicker and weaker every year.

4/10 Triela is already feeling the deadly effects of her cyborg transformation

Gunslinger girl

Every cyborg assassin in the Gunslinger girl undergo heavy modifications that shorten their lifespan. The conditioning drugs given to the cyborgs break them down both physically and mentally, leading to an inevitable early death.

As the second-oldest cyborg in the agency, Triela realizes her days are numbered when she begins to experience memory loss and drug withdrawals. Despite the knowledge that plagues her mind, Triela remains pragmatic about her role in the agency, determined to serve as a fair member for younger girls until she dies.

3/10 Tooya sacrificed immortality to save the love of his life

Ceres, sky legend

The main love interest of the supernatural shoujo series Ceres, sky legend, is a mystery man. Tooya has no memories of his past life, and feels drawn to the series’ heroine Aya by otherworldly powers.

The one connected to Tooya is the spirit of the Heavenly Maiden that resides in Aya, as the man embodies the lost cloak she needs to regain her powers. When Tooya regains his memories and sacrifices his immortality for the sake of Aya and their unborn child, he reveals that he only has a few years left to live.

2/10 Noe admits that he wants to kill Vanitas at the end of their adventures

The case study of Vanitas

First episode finale of The case study of Vanitas reveals the story as a retrospective recounting of Noe’s memoir of how he would eventually kill Vanitas. While the two have a complex relationship, nothing in the story so far suggests that Noe will have to end his friend’s life.

Their love-hate dynamic leads to many fights and arguments. Still, Noe and Vanitas trust each other wholeheartedly and share a real bond, making fans anticipate the story’s eventual tragic ending with dread.

1/10 All Titan Shifters have a remaining lifespan of thirteen years

Attack on Titan

The Curse of Ymir, which affects all Titan Shifters i Attack on Titan, giving them a limited lifespan of thirteen years when they become one of the Nine Titans. The original Titan, Ymir died thirteen years after awakening her powers while protecting the King of Eldia, causing this horrific phenomenon to be passed down to her descendants.

The curse is inevitable and looms over many beloved characters in the series. It gives a sense of urgency to every action they take as they live on borrowed time.

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