10 Anime Characters Who Always Look Before They Leap

10 Anime Characters Who Always Look Before They Leap

It’s quite common for anime characters to be impulsive, and sometimes it pays to not hesitate. However, it is usually a good practice to stop and think before diving into problems. Many anime characters prefer to act first and think later, which provides a good source of comedy sometimes, but in more serious cases it makes things worse.

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Fortunately, not all anime characters are like this. They are the ones who even act as a deterrent to their impulsive friends to prevent them from getting into serious trouble. These characters prefer the “look before you leap” approach to dealing with a situation.

10/10 Asui relies on strategy

My Hero Academia

Asui climbs onto a boat in My Hero Academia.

Asui from My Hero Academia always prefer a tactical approach to dealing with problems. She is calm under pressure, which allows her to make rational decisions. Her classmates have often taken advantage of her straightforward attitude.

For example, when Asui convinced Izuku and Mineta that despite being the best, All Might was far from invincible and that the villains after him had a plan. That said, her power doesn’t allow her to be careless and jump without looking. Without a good plan, Asui can only achieve so much.

9/10 Kiritsugu is a deadly assassin


Kiritsugu is sitting in a church in Fate/Zero.

In the world of professional assassinations, no one who hopes to call themselves a professional assassin jumps before they see. You don’t just go and assassinate a dangerous target by just barging through their front door. Fate/Zero Kiritsugu understood this and before long he had achieved a level of notoriety that made his enemies terrified of him.

Kiritsugu would not willingly put himself in danger without a means of escape. Despite being Saber’s true master, he chose to keep his status a secret, causing all of his enemies to chase the wrong targets.

8/10 Tanjiro wouldn’t have gotten this far by being careless

Demon Slaughter

Tanjiro looks at his sword in Demon Slayer.

One of the main reasons Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro is such an accomplished demon slayer that he knows better than to charge without thinking. Tanjiro analyzes the abilities and demons he encounters and comes up with ways to effectively utilize his skills to take them down.

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This was the case when Tanjiro fought the swamp demon Yahaba and Rui. Tanjiro was even able to outwit Gyutaro, a demon with centuries of experience under his belt. Before collecting Gyutaro’s blood, Tanjiro even knew to confirm if the blood would attack him or not.

7/10 Fuegoleon is known as the smartest captain

Black clover

Fuegoleon Vermillion in Black Clover.

IN Black clover, Fuegoleon is a very smart captain who is able to rally the otherwise stubborn captains and give them orders. In battle, he prioritizes rational thinking over brazen fearlessness. He always advises his teammates to keep their heads straight when faced with confrontation.

Fuegoleon hammered that lesson into Asta’s head as Asta charged into battle without a second thought. Fuegoleon fights by carefully observing his enemies, finding their weaknesses and hitting them precisely. Fuegoleon’s lesson to Asta about keeping calm has saved Asta’s life more than once.

6/10 Rimuru is powerful but cautious

That time I was reincarnated as a slime

Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

Despite being immensely powerful, Rimuru has from That time I was reincarnated as a slime trying to gather as much information about an opponent as possible before fighting them, like when he fought Caribdis or his first encounter with Milim. If he had attacked Milim without first accessing her abilities, she would have wiped him out.

Rimuru also accurately judged Hinata’s skills and was very careful to avoid taking further damage from her attacks. If Rimuru had been overconfident about his abilities, he wouldn’t have survived this long without the help of some serious plot armor.

5/10 Senku always takes the scientific approach

Dr. Stone

Senku smiles in Dr. Stone.

Senku can tolerate stupid people, but he doesn’t waste time criticizing reckless people. Senku likes a solid plan backed by science. In the primitive world of Dr. Stoneone should not risk being careless, as the world is harsh and unforgiving.

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Senku always maps his approach to the solution to a problem, such as his map to create an antibiotic or the map that led to the creation of the telephone. Given all the materials needed for each goal, rushing in without a plan will leave you completely overwhelmed. Senku’s approach makes problems easier to deal with.

4/10 Edward always tries to outwit his enemies

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward looks serious in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has many skills to add to his repertoire. He is a great fighter and a brilliant alchemist. Throughout his life, Edward has learned not to be naive. He does not underestimate his enemies, nor does he overestimate himself.

As seen when Edward fought the Pride, Edward always prepared as best he could for a fight. Instead of just rushing in blindly, he altered the molecular makeup of the autopost arm to withstand Pride’s attacks, and he also came in armed with flash grenades to incapacitate Pride when necessary.

3/10 Karma is an exceptional assassination student

Assassin’s Classroom

Karma Akabane in the Assassination Classroom.

When Karma was introduced to Assassin’s Classroom, he became the first person to come this close to assassinating Korosensei. Karma carefully prepared for his attempts, and although he was outwitted in the end, his careful planning is to be appreciated.

Despite the fact that he is a top student in Assassin’s Classroom, Karma was also among the best students academically. He was not overconfident in his knowledge and took the time to read because he wanted to get on top. Karma does not believe in rushing in quickly and unprepared.

2/10 Licht looks, but he will never jump

Fire strength

Licht runs with a scared look on his face in Fire Force.

Licht from Fire strength is a brilliant scientist who prefers to stand on the sidelines during a fight. He is usually very helpful, thanks to his quick judgments after thorough analysis. Licht usually advises his allies on how to proceed during battle, but he knows better than to join them himself.

Licht is wise enough to know his limits and knows that fighting is not for him. He was content to watch from the sidelines when Shinra fought Sho and when Shinra fought Kurono. He is not overzealous enough to join a fight that will get him killed.

1/10 Armin is a genius and a meticulous planner

Attack on Titan

Armin holds two swords while suspended in the air in Attack On Titan.

Attack on Titan Armin Arlert is very smart for his age – perhaps too smart. He has been able to offer expert combat advice to seasoned veterans and his conversations are usually direct. He always prefers not to rush into a situation blindly.

Armin’s plans led to many victories, including the recapture of the Trost District, the capture of Annie in the Stohess District, the defeat of the Colossal Titan, etc. Armin thinks carefully and weighs all his options before investing in any situation. Without him, many more lives would have been lost.

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