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10 Anime characters that would make great sailor guards

10 Anime characters that would make great sailor guards

Sailor Guardians are the heroes of Sailor Moon franchise. They defeat the villains to preserve peace in today’s Tokyo and for the future to Crystal Tokyo. There are a number of traits among Sailor Guardians; However, a strong sense of justice is a general trait that must have since they are heroes.

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Other anime characters have a strong sense of justice, while showing off other qualities that have the potential to make them unique and powerful Sailor Guardians. Whether they have outstanding sword skills, are a wizard or craft armor, these anime characters would become fantastic Sailor Guardians if given the opportunity.

This article contains spoilers for different anime.

10 Nezuko Kamado has strong willpower (Demon Slayer)

IN Demon Butcher, Nezuko Kamado is the demon sister of Tanjiro Kamado, the demon killer who fights to find a way to cure his sister and rid the world of the monstrous creatures that destroy humanity. In the anime, viewers see that Nezuko gradually begins to learn more about her abilities as a demon and the limitations that come with it.

Despite becoming one of the things Tanjiro hates the most, Nezuko fights the temptation to succumb to her nature as a man-eating demon every day. Because of this aspect of her personality, her underlying sense of justice and her passion for doing good in the world, she would be a great addition to the Sailor Guardians.

9 Kagome Higurashi was a High Priestess in a Past Life (Inuyasha)

Kagome Higurashi is the most important female protagonist in Inuyasha, an isekai anime that takes viewers back to feudal Japan where the half demon Inuyasha tries to become a whole demon through the shikon jewel. However, Kagome comes into the world by accident through a modern well into which she is dragged by another demon.

Kagome then finds out that she is the reincarnation of a powerful priestess named Kikyo. Because of his strength throughout his past life, Kagome would become an interesting and strong sailor guard using the bow, clerical powers, and other character traits.

8 Shinobu Kocho makes the ultimate victim (Demon Slayer)

Shinobu Kocho is one of many Hashira in Demon Slayer Corps in Demon butcher. Viewers watch her periodically in anime; but she will be mentioned more as the next bows are adapted. In the manga, Shinobu makes the ultimate sacrifice by letting Doma eat her when she has several deadly doses of poison flowing through her years.

This allows the rest of the demon killers to advance to the demons in the upper ranks and eventually defeat Muzan. Shinobu would be a unique Sailor Guardian if he got the chance. Her ability to risk everything for the fate of humanity would meet Sailor Moon’s expectations and sense of justice.

7 Lucy Heartfilia Knows Teamwork (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia is the female protagonist in Fairytale, an anime where she runs off with Natsu to join the titular wizard guild. Viewers get to see Lucy’s magical abilities as she summons her own team of heavenly spirits and works with them to defeat villains.

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Lucy sees these supernatural spirits as equal to her, while other characters do not and only manipulate their heavenly spirits. Lucy’s kind, caring and powerful nature would make her an exceptional addition to the team of Sailor Guardians. She is able to work with others and see them as equals, instead of taking most of the responsibility and control.

6 Asuna Yuuki Does Anything (Sword Art Online)

Asuna Yuuki is the most important female protagonist in Sword art online, where the action starts with the characters getting stuck in the titular video game until they can defeat all the levels in the game. In the game, she plays an important role in securing the victory in the end. Asuna defeats a majority of the levels with Kirito and also sacrifices himself so that Kirito can defeat Heathcliff in the last battle.

Asuna’s ability to make ultimate sacrifices for the greater good of mankind and her unique skills as a swordsman would make her a great sailor guard since they are the heroes of Sailor Moon franchise. Through Sailor Moonthey also make ultimate sacrifices for humanity.

Winry Rockbell is one of the most important female protagonists in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, where Edward and Alphonse Elric are on a mission to get their bodies back after some mishap in alchemy. Winry is the definition of brains in the series, always looking to construct and fix Ed’s armor after his fights. Not only is she smart, but she is also a very passionate and caring person.

Because of all these qualities that Winry possesses, she would become a great Sailor Guardian. She would not be the only Sailor Guardian who has a passion for cool gadgets, since Sailor Mercury also likes technology combined with her range of magical powers.

4 Hange Zoe is an intelligent but energetic person (Attack On Titan)

Hange Zoe is one of the most important supporting characters in Attack on Titan, where huge beings called titans swarm the earth and destroy humanity. Throughout the series, viewers see Zoe as both energetic and eccentric. Zoe is an incredibly intelligent scientist who strives to better understand the Titans in order to help humanity survive this death struggle.

With all this in mind, Zoe will be a great addition to the Sailor Guardian team with her broad skill set, including her sheer intelligence, infinite energy and furious eccentricity. Every Sailor Guardian has a specific set of skills besides striving for justice, so that Sailor Moon is the leader and can talk to her team about keeping it together. Not only would Zoe use her endless energy and eccentricity to ward off villains, but she would also use her intelligence in ways to become more efficient.

3 Sakura Haruno is dedicated to being the best (Naruto)

Sakura Haruno is one of the most important female protagonists in Naruto, who follows Naruto, a human who has the nine-tailed fox spirit in him and dreams of becoming the next Hokage. Throughout the series, viewers saw Sakura work extra hard to reach the levels of the other main characters in the show.

For example, Sakura trained for three years to reach Naruto’s level. Her dedication to training and practicing to get better would make her a great sailor guardian since the threat from enemies is always present and their strength increases.

2 Elizabeth Liones is a literal goddess (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth Liones is one of the most important female protagonists in The seven deadly sins, in which a group of warriors were mistakenly accused of a crime, and therefore they try to clear their names. Elizabeth finds herself keeping up despite their unfortunate circumstances.

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While Elizabeth at first seemed to be just a pretty character, her development into a mighty goddess was a wonderful transformation to watch. Her compassion for others and abilities as a goddess would make her a great addition to the Sailor Guardian team since she could technically be a magical girl already with her abilities in The seven deadly sins universe.

1 Misty is a great leader (Pokémon)

Misty is one of the female protagonists in Pokémon, where viewers follow Ash Ketchum in his quest to capture all Pokémon, gain training marks and defeat villains. She has a fiery personality despite the fact that she is skilled in Pokémon of the water type and even the training manager for the gym Cerulean.

Sometimes Misty is the brain of the original group and helps in the battle between her group and Team Rocket. With all this in mind, her abilities as a trainer, main character and Pokémon trainer would make her a great Sailor Guardian since she fills so many roles and is passionate about each of them.

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