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10 Anime characters that would make great bounty hunters in Cowboy Bebop

10 Anime characters that would make great bounty hunters in Cowboy Bebop

A beautiful blend of Science-Fiction and Western, Cowboy Bebop is widely celebrated as one of the most iconic anime series of all time. A band of eccentric bounty hunters on adventures throughout the solar system, the rowdy Bebop Crew has captured the hearts of fans everywhere.

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To be a bounty hunter, one must be sharp and wise. With a competitive industry, and no guarantees of a steady income, it takes a certain type of person to sustain it. Among a sea of ​​unique anime characters, there are those who can be remarkable cowboys, if they wish.

10 Levi can easily become the solar system’s strongest bounty hunter (Attack On Titan)

With an astonishing force competing with a Titans, Levi’s title “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” is appropriate. His tragic upbringing in the underground combined with his superhuman Ackerman genes has fueled Levi’s enormous ability to fight since a very early age.

Calculated and efficient, Levi’s mastery of ODM Gear and his dexterity with swords – along with his agility and endurance – allow him to carry out his plans with extreme precision. If Levi ever becomes a cowboy, there will be no bounties for the rest of them.

9 Kyōka would become famous and feared because of demon snow (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Former Port Mafia Assassin, Kyōka Izumi is now a member of the Armed Detective Agency. While beginning as a puppet of the criminal organization, acting as an emotionless killer, she blossoms into a brave and confident person.

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Kyōka’s ability, Demon Snow, was passed on to her by her late mother. The materialization of a sword-wielding phantom, Demon Snow proved formidable in battle. Because of his experience as a hitman, Kyōka gained a reputation as a master infiltrator. Her sneaking and betrayal would help her gather information about her prizes, and Demon Snow would scare her targets to the point of surrender.

8 Morel would be a legend among the Cowboys (Hunter X Hunter)

Morel Mackernasey is a Single Star Sea Hunter with many years of experience in his field. Complex and authoritative, Morel’s part of the Chimera Ant Extermination Team is without a doubt his greatest achievement, and highlights how scary he really is.

Morel is a clever tactician who can assess the enemy’s abilities and find out the best course of action. Morel is completely confident, and his patience makes him wait for his plans to come true, as opposed to being annoying and making foolish mistakes.

7 Nanami does not have to work overtime (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Kento Nanami, somewhat passive, is a fearsome first-class Jujutsu wizard who has incredible strength. A former wage earner, Nanami uses a business-like approach to his wizarding work, and gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

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Although his Ratio technique would probably be too tough to use on the average bounty – since it is designed to eliminate curses – it also gives Nanami a big advantage. Ratio lets him reveal the opponent’s weak point by dividing their body in a ratio of 7: 3, then Nanami uses his dull blade to knock them down. Hopefully there will be no need for this particular cowboy to work any overtime.

6 Ls title of the world’s best detective would follow him into the solar system (Death Note)

Deductive genius L is the world’s best detective. Mysterious and enigmatic, he keeps his identity a secret, not only for his own safety, but so that he can move more freely while at work. L is nothing less than a brain, and despite his lack of social skills, he has incredible knowledge of the human psyche.

Ls messy appearance can cause doubt among others, but his pure intelligence is best not to question. L is thorough and logical, two qualities that will undoubtedly help him become a notorious bounty hunter.

5 Himiko Toga: The Hunter Becomes The Hunted (My Hero Academia)

Incredibly cruel and masterfully manipulative, League of Villains’ Himiko Toga does not have a penchant for following the law. On the other hand, she will certainly become a formidable bounty hunter if she suddenly has an urge to neglect her vicious tendencies.

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Despite her childish demeanor, Toga is scary. She uses her transformative peculiarity to trick her opponents into believing that she is someone they know and trust, which gives her a huge advantage. While she will undoubtedly be a powerful Cowgirl, her penchant for harassing and terrorizing others for no other reason will likely result in a bounty over her own head instead.

4 Yor and Faye are destined for greatness (Spy X Family)

Thorn Princess, otherwise known as Yor Forger, is not the most pictures when the word assassin comes to mind. She is kind, somewhat reserved and quite reserved. But when time demands, she is a cruel killer. Yor’s sweet mind distracts society from the reality of her true abilities, such as her evil physical strength.

Yor’s modest demeanor disappears when the Thorn Princess wakes up, her battles are structured, and she fights effectively. Yor is not dependent on weapons, which makes her abilities all the more deadly. Next to Faye Valentine, the two will turn on their feminine charm to lure the prey right into the traps and collect many handsome rewards for their efforts.

3 Luck Craves Chaos (Black Clover)

Nicknamed “The Cheery Berserker” because of his constant smile, Luck Voltia is a member of the Black Bulls Magic Knights Squad. Luck is chaotic and insane and thirsts for violence. He has often shown challenging others to a fight, especially those he considers the most powerful.

While his youthful and openly joyful appearance may suggest otherwise, Luck is an extraordinarily dangerous belly. His light magic allows him to generate powerful attacks at an incredibly high speed. Luck will be a great addition to Bebop Crew, and can do a lot of harm along with Radical Ed.

2 Sasuke would be a lone cowboy (Naruto)

Sasuke Uchiha is ambitious and stubborn. He knows what he wants, and he will not let anything stop him from succeeding. Somewhat selfishly, Sasuke certainly has the talent to support his arrogance. He has an indomitable spirit, his willpower is unshakable, and his pure endurance enables triumph.

Sasuke’s ability to remain calm and collected along with his indifference would only help his superior fighting skills while capturing both the weakest of the bounty and those who posed a real threat. Although the latter seems more likely, Sasuke is known for loving a challenge.

1 Zoro has experience as a bounty hunter (One Piece)

Before Roronoa Zoro became the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates, he served as a bounty hunter. Due to his experience in the field, he would achieve great success as a cowboy in the solar system, and may even find himself fighting with the Bebop crew.

Zoro is dedicated to his goals and trusts his ability to accomplish them. The desire to improve is emphasized by his constant training, and he is no stranger to pushing himself beyond his limits. Zoro may look brutal, but he stays away from problems. When he is not working, he can be found drowsy. Zoro and Jet Black get along quickly.

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