10 Anime Characters That Would Make Awesome Disney Villains

10 Anime Characters That Would Make Awesome Disney Villains

In their world, these anime characters may be morally good or neutral, but set in a Disney plot, they can shine as iconic villains. Disney villains tend to have memorable designs, be it dark and gritty The Hunchback of Notre Dame Count Frollo in his clergy or bright and saturated to an almost comical degree which Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts.

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Disney villains have personalities that span a wide spectrum. Some are moody and moody, while others veer towards clumsy and bombastic. They all engage the audience with their memorable quipe lines, “I-Want” chants and considerable general presence.

10/10 Kagura is both funny and violent


Kagura from Gintama makes a funny face.

Gintama’s The main character, Kagura, would get along well with Hades, the god of death Hercules, who never misses an opportunity to deliver a witty line. Kagura is incredibly strong, but she is not very good at controlling that strength, which sometimes puts her in difficult situations.

Although Kagura is a morally good character, aside from the tragic mistreatment of her pets, her super strength and vivacious personality would work well as a Disney villain. With her fast regenerative abilities and fighting talents, she would be a formidable foe for any Disney hero or heroine.

9/10 Tatsumaki wears a dress Maleficent would envy

One Punch Man

Tatsumaki from One-Punch Man.

One-Punch Man’s Tatsumaki already has the perfect look for a Disney villain, with her forest green hair, black dress that flutters out in creeping tendrils like wisps of smoke, and her smiling expression. She is also quite moody and does not shy away from respecting others if she is in the mood for it.

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So many Disney villains, like Sleeping Beauty Maleficent laments the incompetence of her accomplices and cackles with self-satisfaction when they find themselves superior to other characters. Likewise, Tatsumaki has zero patience for those she sees as rude or incompetent.

8/10 Emile Bichelberger would make an excellent fallen knight villain

How not to summon a demon lord

Emile Bichelberger from How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

With his golden armor, tall stature and beautiful face, Emile Bichelberger from How not to summon a demon lord looks like the idealized romantic knight. Although violent, his unruliness does not take away from his good nature. He is very protective, especially of women, and will protect others even if it means risking himself.

But if Emile was thrown into a Disney plot, there could be a lot of potential to make him a fallen knight. Should he ever become a villain, his beauty and boisterous nature would make him a charismatic, memorable antagonist.

7/10 Lelouch can control minds

Code Geass

Lelouch makes a plan in Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Resurrection.

Code Geass’ the anti-hero, Lelouch vi Britannia, sits in an armchair like a villain on a throne. His Emperor outfit gives him a sense of grace and would be very fitting for an adventure rogue. Lelouch was born to privilege, which makes him somewhat arrogant, but his winning social graces temper that trait.

Lelouch is a strategic fighter who can remove his emotions to make crucial battle decisions. Fortunately, Lelouch doesn’t use his mind control ability or leadership skills for evil, as he would be a force to be reckoned with if he ever veered towards that polarity of the moral compass.

6/10 Sir Integra has a commanding presence


Sir Integra sits quietly in Hellsing.

Sir Integra is a noblewoman and master of Hellsing’s vampire, Alucard. She has an elegant style with long, straight blonde hair and unfeeling icy eyes. She wears a tailored suit, gloves and a monocle and smokes a cigar. She also has a short temper and cannot tolerate mistakes.

Between Integra’s cold, collected presence and her angry episodes, she has many qualities befitting a memorable Disney villain. With her fashionable attire and rigid bearing, one could imagine her singing and dancing to a waltz-tempo villain song.

5/10 Jessie is made for more than stealing Pokemon


Jessie argues with Ash in the Pokémon anime.

Jessie is only a semi-useful accomplice in Pokémon, but she could grow into her true villain and shine in a Disney movie. She is an energetic character with a loud and shrill voice, which sets her apart from the rest of the characters.

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Although Jessie persistently tries to steal Pokemon for her boss, she always fumbles the task. Before she was an agent for Team Rocket, she was pretty good at nursing school. If she set her will to something other than stealing rare Pokemon, she could thrive. She certainly has the bombastic energy fit for a cartoon villain.

4/10 Ayame Sohma is beautiful and flamboyant

Fruit basket

Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basket.

Ayame Sohma is Yuki’s older brother i Fruit basket. Like the rest of the Sohma family, Ayame transforms into an animal of the Chinese zodiac. Being the snake of the zodiac meant that Ayame was often dismissed as a child, alienating him from his family now as an adult.

With Ayame’s difficult upbringing and highly stylized personal style, he has the makings of a decent Disney villain. With his long royal hair and black and red coat, he can be a great counterpart to the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

3/10 Sebastian would make an elegant villain

Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.

Sebastian Michaelis is the demon butler of the Phantomhive family’s house i Black Butler. He is very capable of running the manor, and does what Ciel needs of him. Sebastian does not need to sleep, which allows him to work day and night and complete his tasks.

However, one should not be fooled by Sebastian’s gentle and polite demeanor, as he has no problem spilling blood at his master’s command. His personality is cold and foxy. His impeccable dress, work ethic and willingness to get violent would make him a palpable comic book villain.

2/10 Queen Beryl was intended to be the central antagonist

Sailor Moon

Queen Beryl in Sailor Moon.

Although Queen Beryl is already a villain in Sailor Moon, she serves a major villain in the Negaverse, Queen Metallia. If she was a Disney-verse movie, she could easily support a primary antagonist role all by herself.

Queen Beryl sits on her throne and ponders the crystal where she gathers energy day in and day out. She is the image of corrupt beauty and goodness in an elegant purple dress with flowing scarlet hair and a stone tiara attached to her forehead. Her cackle is also pretty Disney-worthy.

1/10 Kurama has a devious charm

Kamisama kiss

Kurama from Kamisama Kiss.

Kurama is also called a “Fallen Angel” in Kamisama kiss because he’s a crow yokai posing as a gothy human pop star. He is selfish by nature and acts cunning at times, but i Kamisama kisshe is generally seen as a friend of the cute protagonist Nanami.

Kurama shows more human-like sensibilities than the other yokai in Kamisama kiss. Yet his way of attracting admirers would see him amass an army of loyal supporters in a Disney film. All he’d need is a crow-themed cave and he’d be set.

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