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10 Anime characters that would do better in Bleach

10 Anime characters that would do better in Bleach

Bleach is a hugely popular shonen fantasy series that takes place in a world that is about the supernatural and life after death. IN Bleachits universe, it is the duty of the black-clad Soul Reapers to escort the souls of the dead awaiting the afterlife, but they must also defeat evil souls called the Hollows in battle. It’s never an easy job.

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That said, there are more than a few anime characters that would actually do well in Bleach the universe, mainly as a Soul Reaper, or as a Quincy or Hollow-hunting archer. These characters have the right skills and fighting techniques to thrive in Bleachsetting, and they would definitely enjoy their time in this wonderful universe.

10 Arthur Boyle Could Be the Knight King of Every Soul (Fire Force)

Firefighter Arthur Boyle belongs to Company 8, but he is not really appreciated there. Most other firefighters make fun of him or overshadow him as shonen heroes, so maybe Arthur should pack up his plasma sword and find work in another anime universe.

The Bleach the universe is a good choice for Arthur. His igniting ability would be reborn as a zanpakuto shikai, and he would become popular among all the lost, confused souls who need someone to escort them to the Soul Society. Arthur could watch over them like a benevolent, charismatic king who looked after his subjects. Everyone would thank him later.

9 Hange Zoe Could Capture Menos Grande For Study (Attack On Titan)

Scout warrior Hange Zoe is a Titan enthusiast, and dedicates his life to studying how the Titans work and where they came from. In fact, Hange treated two captured titans as pets until Annie secretly killed them, and then Hange learned the grim truth about titans and the elderly.

So Hange should pack up and move on Bleach, where they can join Squadron 12 as Soul Reaper researcher and investigator. Hange can use advanced spells to capture unusual Menos Grande specimens and tamper with them in the lab to find out all their secrets. Captain Kurotsuchi would approve.

8 Megumin can practice explosive Kido (Konosuba)

Fortunately for Megumin, not all Soul Reapers are expected to use zanpakuto and fight the Hollows up close. Kido Corps, according to the name, consists of kido practitioners who only use kido trolls in battle, and Megumin would like to join them.

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As a Kido Corps member, Megumin was able to practice the most advanced explosion kido spells and use them to help other Soul Reapers battling powerful Menos around the world. She could also compete with other Kido Corps members to prove that she is the number 1 explosives expert here.

7 Kyojuro Rengoku would make an excellent captain (Demon Slayer)

The nine elite hashiras are in fact already Soul Reapers, and are experienced sword fighters who have sworn to kill monsters with their swords. Especially the flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku would really thrive in Bleach the universe as one of the newest captains.

Kyojuro died at the hands of Akaza, only to be reborn in the Soul Society with a second chance at life, so to speak. Kyojuro’s incredible skill, experience and his warm charisma would make him an ideal captain. He could take command of Squadron 7, for example, to replace Sajin Komamura, who can no longer fight.

6 Kisho Arima would kill countless caves (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul is a late anime series that also features an entire organization of monster hunters – in this case CCG investigators who are skilled at tracking and destroying ghouls. CCG agents like Kotaro Amon and Akira Mado are good at what they do, but not even comparable to Kisho Arima.

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Kisho is a cold-blooded prodigy who can easily send out any ghoul in battle, but he eventually died in Tokyo Ghoul: re. So he can be reborn in the Soul Society and train as a Soul Reaper instead. He would soon become captain and get his own bankai as well.

5 Kinro should become a soul harvester (Dr. Stone)

At one point, the teenage researcher Senku Ishigami helped the people of the village of Ishigami build katanas, and characters like Kohaku and Kinro were quite skilled with them against Tsukasa Shishio and his thugs. They can make good Soul Reapers, but Kohaku is too attached to Sister Rui to leave the village.

That leaves Kinro, a serious guard who puts duty first. That, combined with his skills, means he should train as a Soul Reaper and serve in Team 6, under the command of Captain Byakuya Kuchiki himself. The two would get along quite well.

4 Mai Zenin Should Be A Quincy (Jujutsu Kaisen)

It’s no secret that hit anime Jujutsu Kaisen borrowed some items from Bleach, including the concept of a high school punk that makes supernatural forces fight monsters in the streets. However, not all wizards are good at fighting curses in this distorted world.

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Mai Zenin suffers from discrimination in the world of witchcraft together with her sister Maki, and she does not tolerate it. So she could be reborn in Bleach universe as a Quincy and made good use of her long-range combat skills while hunting for the Hollows in her hometown. The Quincy tribe would generously accept her as one of their own.

3 There is a need for your forger in Squad 2 (Spy X Family)

Yor Forger is secretly the Thorn Princess, an elite assassin who operates in the shadows of Ostania, her home nation. Yor is very good at matches up close, but alas, Ostania is not a good home for her. She’s not very good at her job at Berlin City Hall, and the secret police force is simply intimidating.

You should move to Bleach universe, where she can continue her hired killer career without worrying about Ostania politics or social diseases. Squad 2, for example, consists of assassin Soul Reapers who welcome Yor to their ranks, and Yor can focus on full-time assassination work.

2 Asuna Yuuki wanted to create a charming soul harvester (Sword Art Online)

Asuna Yuuki did well for herself in Aincrad and other digital worlds, but she did not exactly like any of it. She just wanted to play an ultra-realistic game, not get caught up in an isekai adventure. She made the most of it, and fought fiercely to help herself and Kirito escape this virtual prison.

Asuna is a kind and caring person who is good with a sword, so she should find work as one Bleach Soul Reaper instead. In particular, Asuna would find it rewarding to escort lost and rescued souls in Karakura Town to the Soul Society while bravely defending them from looting the Hollows.

1 Naofumi Iwatani should join Kido Corps (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Isekai hero Naofumi Iwatani was soon widely hated as the “shield devil”, although his reputation was later restored. Still, Naofumi does not get along well with the other cardinal heroes as the team’s designated tank, so he should be isekai’d somewhere else, such as. Bleach.

Like Megumin, Naofumi would have great success as a Kido Corps member and specialize in all kinds of defensive spells. Most Soul Reapers would really appreciate Naofumi. He wanted many mentors and senior officers to train him in this endeavor, and he also has a lot of experience in fighting monsters.

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