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10 Anime characters even angrier than My Hero Academia’s Katsuki Bakugo

10 Anime characters even angrier than My Hero Academia’s Katsuki Bakugo

My Hero Academia plays the kind-hearted trainee hero Izuku Midoriya and his explosive rival and classmate, the infamous Katsuki Bakugo. In many of his scenes, Bakugo is angry, rude, or at least impatient to prove himself, and his warm temperament is legendary. He even has an explosion-based Quirk to match.

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Bakugo is known for his anger, but his rage seems superficial and is difficult to justify. Katsuki Bakugo grew up in a stable and loving household, and now he is a star student at Japan’s top school. He’s doing pretty well, and he should learn to be grateful for all these wonderful things and cool his head for once. In contrast, there are plenty of angry anime characters whose rage is both stronger and much more justified.

10 Thorfinn Karlsefni burns out of vengeful rage (Vinland Saga)

The Viking anti-hero Thorfinn Karlsefni was once a happy and carefree boy in his native Iceland, but then he snuck aboard the ship of his kind father Thors to experience some adventures on his own. This means that the young Thorfinn was present when the swindler Askeladd killed Thors in a battle off the Faroe Islands.

Thorfinn’s attitude changed immediately. He was immediately consumed by bitter hatred and anger towards his father’s killer, and his pure anger and thirst for revenge is what kept him up for several years after that. But in the end, everything was for nothing.

9 Guts’ Rage Toward Griffith Is Legendary (Berserk)

The wandering swordsman named Guts is known for many things, from his oversized dragon slayer sword to his whirling love affair with Casca to his berserker rage against his treacherous best friend, Griffith. Guts knows better than anyone that Griffith has a lot to answer for.

Guts is almost always angry, even if he tries to hide it, and the slightest provocation will set his heart on fire in his attempt to kill Griffith and the hand of God. Just a hint of God’s hand is enough to push Guts over the edge and fly into a chaotic rage, hell bent on Griffith’s destruction.

8 Eren Yeager roared in anger when the Titans attacked (Attack On Titan)

In some ways, the brilliant anti-hero Eren Yeager is like Thorfinn, since both characters enjoyed a happy, innocent boyhood until disaster struck and their family was shattered forever. One day in the year 845, Eren’s world was turned upside down when Wall Maria fell and carnivorous titans invaded.

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Eren’s beloved mother Carla was eaten by Dina Fritz’s Pure Titan, and Eren exploded in a vengeful rage that has never been extinguished once. Eren swore angrily that he would exterminate all titans, but later, after learning the truth, he turned his anger on the Marley Empire like a full-fledged villain.

7 Kyo Sohma’s anger goes deep (fruit basket)

Shojo love interest Kyo Sohma does not shout “DIE!” and blow people up with a quirk, and he has been known to be Mr. Romantic instead of Mr. Angry at times. Yet Kyo’s anger is intense and well-founded, given the awful hand that fate gave him. It is not easy to be the cat of the zodiac.

Kyo endured a lifetime of verbal and emotional abuse like the cat, and was told he is a disgusting and unwanted monster who brings misery to everyone. No wonder this explosive tsunder is so fierce and miserable all the time, and he often takes it out on Kyo and even Kagura. He has a serious personal baggage to deal with.

6 Prince Zuko’s heart burns with passion (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Firebender Prince Zuko was always known for his anger in Avatar: The Last Airbender, to the point where people would give him nicknames like “prince pouty” and “the angry jerk.” Sure, Zuko has a hot temper and is easily provoked, but he’s not a monster. He simply suffered at the hands of his father, Ozai.

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Zuko was admittedly furious, but most of all he was angry with himself and later admitted it. He had a lot on his plate, to say the least, and he did not always handle it well. Eventually, however, Zuko became wiser and found out his true destiny, which eventually gave him some inner peace.

5 Ghiacchio gets angry over the smallest things (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

The ice-throwing Stand user named Ghiaccio is actually voiced by the same voice actor as Bakugo, Nobuhiko Okamoto, and it appears. Both characters tend to be furious, and Ghiaccio’s fiery temperament stands in stark contrast to his icy ice powers. It’s a strange combination.

Ghiaccio entertained JoJos viewers when he built up rage over small details like how to say Venice’s name, and he gets pretty angry in battle too. He loses his temper no matter how cold the ice gets, and in the same way Fugo and Narancia also have quite a warm temperament.

4 Naofumi Iwatani Raged Against the Unjust World (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Over time, the isekai protagonist Naofumi Iwatani learned to embrace the power of friendship and hope over raw rage and resentment, but his anger was never completely quenched. Early on, he was demonized as the “shield devil”, falsely accused and much despised as a criminal. His answer was pure anger.

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Naofumi’s greater anger is what kept him up during the journey, but it was not sustainable, even when he unlocked the fearsome shield of anger. Naofumi’s rage against the world slowly subsided as people began to accept him, but when the villain Kyo Ethnina provoked him, Naofumi’s rage returned.

3 Yammy Llargo’s Anger Gives Him Power (Bleach)

A few anime characters can actually arm their emotions, such as the heroes of Jujutsu Kaisen, which can ignite its cursing energy with negative emotions. Then it is Bleachthe villain Yammy Llargo, the 10th Espada whose whole theme is unbridled rage.

Yammy is always brutal and eager to fight, and he gets angry very easily in battle. Then he can drop his zanpakuto, Ira, and become a titanic monster that grows even bigger and stronger as his opponents rage him into battle. He’s like a villainous Incredible Hulk, and that’s more than Bakugo could ever do.

2 Vegeta Is The Furious Saiyan Prince (Dragon Ball)

Saiyan Prince Vegeta is known for many things, from his fiercely competitive and angry personality to his endless rivalry with Son Goku to his tsundere ways with his wife, the beautiful Bulma. Vegetas’ character arc is quite complex in the long run, although it can still be simplified to “he is angry.”

Vegeta quickly loses his head or becomes furious, especially if his pride and reputation are questioned or endangered. He will even take it out on training robots and smash them to pieces, requiring a frustrated mechanic to fix them.

The state alchemist Edward Elric is actually kinder and much more selfless than Katsuki Bakugo, so despite his anger, Edward is a healthier and more upbeat character in general. But still, Edward is easily provoked and can be simply petty about his mind, especially if he is mocked.

Ed is the one who shouted furiously at a little girl who called him an amoeba, and he will even kick people or threaten to send Selim Bradley into space if Selim comments on his height again. His brother Alphonse is definitely the calmer and more mature of the duo.

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