10 Anime Abilities That Shorten The User’s Lifespan

10 Anime Abilities That Shorten The User’s Lifespan

The formidable abilities of the most powerful anime characters are a force to be reckoned with. But great power comes at a price, and in some cases characters must pay for it with a part of their own lives. The consequence of exchanging years of life for immense power is hastened death.

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Still, the risk is often worth the sacrifice, as these skills are usually the deadliest to those on the receiving end. While some abilities take no toll on the user, handled as naturally as breathing, these powers put the user in grave danger, breaking their life.

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10/10 Contracting a devil can result in a shortened lifespan


chainsaw man aki con gesture

IN Chainsawman, many devils give their powers to humans in exchange for their lifespan. More extreme abilities, such as Angel Devil’s Lifespan Absorption, drain a lifetime from humans through a simple touch and transform it into powerful weapons.

The most notable devil contract that causes the user to give up years of life is Aki Hayakawa’s Curse Devil Sword, which allows him to curse his target in three stabs of this nail-like weapon. While infinitely effective in battle, this ability significantly shortens Aki’s life.

9/10 Luffy’s second gear is unsustainable for prolonged use

One Piece

luffy using gear other - one piece

IN One Piece universe, even the dumbest Devil Fruit powers can be deadly if used creatively. Monkey D. Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi simply turned the boy into rubber, but he learned to implement this strange ability in a variety of unorthodox and dangerous ways.

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One of Luffy’s techniques, Gear Second, greatly enhances his strength, speed, and mobility. Yet, when Luffy’s stamina runs low, the increase in power strains his body and drains his lifespan. Hopefully, Luffy can achieve his goal of becoming the Pirate King before his body wears out.

8/10 Robert Haydn tries to use his deadly technique as little as possible

Ueki law

Law Of Ueki robert

Robert Haydn, one of the main antagonists of The Ueki Law, is a celestial being with an almost indestructible ability. He has the power to make his ideals come true, increase his abilities to an absolute or create physically impossible objects.

This skill can be used to grant Robert absolute invincibility, ideal accuracy, or total protection, but it cannot be used on living creatures. On top of that, each ideal shortens Robert’s lifespan by one year, so he prefers to stay out of combat unless absolutely necessary.

7/10 Luna’s curse-lifting abilities have previously killed her mother

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

the hidden dungeon only i can enter luna

Luna Heela is the main heroine of The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter. She is an extremely compassionate person with an unwavering conviction to use her healing powers for good. However, just like her late mother, Luna trades her life force to lift powerful curses and heal those in need.

She used to worry about using up her entire lifespan and dying prematurely, following in her mother’s footsteps. Fortunately, Noir Stardia was able to edit Luna’s skill so it no longer drains her life force.

6/10 The Angel Arm is too powerful even for the superhuman sentient plants to use without consequence


Anime Trigun Vash Stampede Angel Arm Powering Up

Sentient Plants, such as Trigun’s the hero Vash the Stampede and his brother Knives, can use various superhuman abilities. Angel Arm is arguably their most formidable skill, capable of wiping out entire cities in a single blast.

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Although powerful, the Angel Arm requires a lot of energy from the user and significantly shortens its lifespan. Vash rarely chooses to utilize his superhuman abilities. Although the manga shows how the extended use of the Angel Arm drained most of Vash’s life, indicated by his hair turning almost black.

5/10 God of Conquest mode is a fun subversion of the life-draining trope

The world only God knows about

Keima Katsuragi's God of Conquest Mode

The world only God knows about subverts the tragic trope of trading longevity for powers with Keima Katsuragi’s God of Conquest Mode. This overwhelming ability allows him to use six different game consoles to play six different dating sims at the same time.

Every hour of using God of Conquest mode costs Keima three years of his life. Fortunately for the hero, the dramatic stakes are simply a gag. Keima never faces any real consequences from using God of Conquest Mode beyond losing consciousness and hallucinating for a while.

4/10 Kurumi’s bullets come with a price of her time

Date A Live

Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki

As one of the most powerful spirits in Date A Live franchise, Kurumi Tokisaki possesses many evil abilities. They allow her to manipulate time through orbs, and each of her twelve orb forms has specific properties.

Still, the stronger the ability Kurumi activates, the more time, or lifespan, it takes from her. Kurumi’s remaining time is represented by the artificial clock in her left eye moving clockwise. Fortunately, if she starts to run low, Kurumi can always drain the life force from someone else.

3/10 Yoite’s Kira technique is responsible for his early demise

Nabari No Ou

Nabari No Ou yoite

While abilities that shorten the user’s lifespan are a common trope in anime, fans rarely see characters actually die from overuse of their most risky powers. One of the rare cases where a hero passes away due to such an ability is Nabari no Ou’s Yoite.

His Kira technique could control the ki, or life force, of Yoite’s target, to defeat any enemy or heal his allies. Each use of Kira slowly decays Yoite’s senses, rendering him deaf and unable to distinguish tastes, eventually killing him by draining his lifespan.

2/10 The deal to get Shinigami eyes cuts the user’s life in half

Death note

    Misa with her red shinigami eyes in Death Note.

In the world of Death note, Shinigami Eyes is a highly sought-after ability that allows the user to see people’s real names and lifetimes floating overhead. However, a deal for Shinigami Eyes costs half of their remaining lifespan.

For Light Yagami, halving the remaining time was too much of a risk, so Misa Amane made the deal for him, sacrificing her life for Kira’s sake. Also, she committed to the Shinigami Eyes Deal twice, effectively distributing her lifespan to aid Light’s mission.

1/10 Emperor Time is Kurapika’s ultimate ability to avenge his clan

hunter x hunter

Kurapika's scarlet eyes glow

As the last survivor of the Kurta clan, Hunter x Hunter’s Kurapika is driven by his longing for revenge. To avenge his slaughtered family, Kurapika is willing to sacrifice almost everything, including his life. His most powerful Nen ability, Emperor Time, helps him tremendously in his mission.

Powerful enough to shatter rock, Emperor Time can only be activated through very strong emotions. At the same time, every second of use costs Kurapika one hour of his lifespan, which adds up too quickly to use Emperor Time carelessly.

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