10 Anime Abilities My Hero Academia’s All For One Would Steal

10 Anime Abilities My Hero Academia’s All For One Would Steal

All For One was the main antagonist of My Hero Academia and a man of unusually strong ability. With a simple push, he could steal powers from others, and add them to his own or redistribute them among his minions.

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However, All For One was quite selective when choosing which abilities to steal. During the battle for Kamino, he let Best Jeanist keep the Quirk as it was too weak for his liking. There are only a handful of anime powers that All For One wants, and should the villain acquire them, he would become unbeatable.

10/10 All for one expressed interest in Eraserhead’s Quirk

My Hero Academia

Although he eventually abducted and recreated Kurogiri, All For One coveted Eraserhead’s Quirk far more than his friend’s. Both he and Garaki understood the potential behind a power-negating glare if placed in the wrong hands. All For One’s piqued interest was understandable.

Should he seize “Erasure’s” power for his own, he would be able to negate an opponent’s Quirk, close the distance, and then touch them directly. When he broke eye contact, the opponent would have lost his power forever and become completely helpless.

9/10 Ban’s regeneration will compliment everyone for one’s lifespan

Seven Deadly Sins

After drinking from the Fountain of Youth, Ban was able to regenerate damaged body parts indefinitely. This made him one of the most tenacious heroes in Seven Deadly Sins since he was actually immortal.

Considering that All For One’s body was badly damaged during the fight against All Might, Ban’s power would be a huge asset. Combined with his existing long-lasting Quirk, it would effectively give him a timeless, unbreakable body so that his villainous reign over Japan would never end. With Ban’s power in All For One’s hands, he would become a god.

8/10 Aizen’s hypnosis would greatly increase one’s ability to manipulate others


Aizen was able to modify his opponent’s senses, leaving them in a state of complete hypnosis. This made him one of the most powerful characters in Bleach, especially since victims fully aware of his power were still vulnerable to it.

The only way to negate Aizen’s power was to be in melee range of him. Considering that All For One would rob them of their own abilities in such close proximity, Aizen’s hypnosis would compliment his own Quirk wonderfully.

7/10 Nanika could give anything for one’s darkest desires

hunter x hunter

Nanika was a supernatural entity that could grant wishes hunter x hunter. Given that they were able to restore Gon from the brink of death, even miracles are not beyond their reach.

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Nanika’s power was limited by a blood price – the bigger the request, the more dangerous it would be for them. Although All For One is expected to retain this state when training Nanika’s supreme abilities, he has dozens of disposable minions for such an occasion. Should All For One manage to provide his own miracles, the heroes would quickly fall into disarray.

6/10 All for one could use Orochimaru’s Edo Tensei for evil


Although it was invented by Tobirama, Orochimaru was the first Naruto character to explore the full potential of edo tensei. He used it against Hiruzen during the Chunin Exams, turning the First and Second Hokages against him.

Since the edo tensei is not a Kekkei Genkai, All For One would be able to steal it. Should he resurrect Nana Shimura or Nighteye to fight Japan’s heroes, they would be completely demoralized. Furthermore, it would be significantly more difficult to overcome them in the absence of available sealing jutsu.

5/10 Charon can increase all of One’s melee skills

Fire strength

Charon’s Ignition Ability was underestimated i Fire strength. It allowed him to absorb enemy attacks, convert the energy and reflect it as firepower. He was able to withstand amounts so massive that it damaged the very surface of the moon.

Considering All For One’s current Shock Absorption Quirk doesn’t completely negate the damage, Charon’s ability would supplement his existing defenses. Better yet, it would convert it into firepower that the villain could use to aggressively strike back in his favor.

4/10 Charles’ Geass would be excellent for manipulating people

Code Geass

Emperor Karl’s power was arguably stronger than Lelouch’s Code Geass. It allowed him to wipe out his target’s memories, effectively recreating their past and forcing them to live as a different person.

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Considering that All For One prefers manipulation to outright brainwashing, such a technique has the subtlety he’s looking for. It would allow him to raise an army of ex-pros to help consolidate his stranglehold on Japan and demoralize enemies into submission. All For One’s only challenge would be to defeat Charles himself.

3/10 Naraku’s Miasma can deal with large amounts of enemies


Naraku’s miasma was a noxious mist capable of suffocating massive forests in a frighteningly short amount of time. Its effects were swift and devastating, making it the deadliest tool of any Inuyasha criminal, thug.

As powerful as All For One could have been, he lacked abilities that were so profoundly effective in dealing with large groups of enemies. Should he steal Naraku’s miasma, the villain would be able to fight with the heroes and win even when he is inevitably outnumbered.

2/10 Diavolo’s King Crimson would erase everything for one’s negative results

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Diavolo’s King Crimson was the best time-influencing Stand in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It allowed him to see the next ten seconds into the future and erase negative outcomes. As a result, there was nothing Team Bucciarati could do to counter him until Giorno acquired the Requiem Arrow.

Should All For One acquire King Crimson, he would be able to cancel out the few heroes capable of hurting him. They wouldn’t realize he had stolen their powers until it was already too late to do anything about it.

1/10 Toki’s Devil Fruit would allow anyone for one to attack at any time

One Piece

Toki’s Time-Time Fruit would interest All For One more than any other ability One Piece. It allowed her to teleport people many years into the future seamlessly and without aging them. This would have fantastic implications for the League of Villains if used correctly.

Even if All For One were to lose to Deku and the heroes of Class 1-A, he would only need to wipe himself to the point where the hero was prepared to hand over One For All to the next user. Once passed down, All For One could kill Deku and his chosen successor, thus permanently eliminating his greatest obstacle. All For One already has longevity, but he would be impossible to catch while under the Time-Time Fruit’s effects.

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