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10 amazing Shonen Anime that were ruined by their endings

10 amazing Shonen Anime that were ruined by their endings

Even the best shonen anime can fall flat with a matte finish. Although a series has great character development, world building and history, one problem with the plot can completely ruin an anime for everyone.

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Some shonen series get a second chance at their endings with sequels and reboots, but not all series are lucky enough to get that treatment, which is a shame for fans who have been so invested in fantastic series with bad endings.

10 The Last Episode Destroyed Miranjos Story Arc (Ranking Of Kings)

Ranking of Kings was an immediate classic when it began airing. The art style is unlike any other anime and the characters are incredibly well developed. Even the villain Miranjo is well rounded and interesting. However, Miranjo’s well-crafted story arc goes out the window when the last episode hits.

Not only is her story solved without any edification, but King Daida announces that he will marry her even though all she did was be with King Bosse. The sudden change in her story is strange and made many fans feel that her story was overlooked by Daida.

9 It asks several questions so it answers (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

While Neon Genesis Evangelion is far from a normal mecha series, the basic premise is straightforward and easy enough to understand. Shinji is a child who is abused by the system he is stuck in and thrown into fights, both literal and metaphorical, he is just not prepared for.

During the final episodes of the series, the story goes out the window, and fans are forced to sit through endless monologues and philosophical diatribes about what is real. The ending creates more questions than it answers. Fortunately, fans of this series eventually got a movie, The end of the Evangelionwhich ended the series properly.

8 The end was destroyed by Boruto (Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto is a fan favorite, but even the most loyal fans can admit that the end had problems. While pacing has always been a problem too Naruto series, it gets even worse during The Third Great Ninja War arc. Fans were forced to watch the same flashbacks several times, and the story slowed down to a review.

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Even worse, the series was so focused on preparing for Boruto that it introduced new elements that were irrelevant to Narutoits history. No one liked Kaguya as a villain because she came from nowhere and took away from what Madara had built up during the series, leaving a damper on an otherwise fantastic anime.

7 It ended with the power of friendship (Soul Eater)

While Soul Eater has many fun characters and a great story, it is also incredibly forgettable, especially because of the ending. The end of the anime did not manage to develop the series’ most important characters properly, such as Death The Kid, who becomes far more confident at the end of the manga than he does in the anime.

The latest villain Asura is also defeated with a single blow thanks to the power of friendship, which many fans feel is a huge cop-out. Fortunately for those who are disappointed with the end of the anime, the manga has a much better ending for them to enjoy.

6 A disappointing end to a great pirate adventure (Fena Pirate Princess)

Fena the Pirate Princess had a lot of promise. It starts as a fun and action-packed pirate adventure, which is a proven concept considering how successful it is One Piece is. However, the story began to fall apart as it focused more on religious conspiracies rather than the characters and the story.

The Jeanne d’Arc plot did not seem to go anywhere, especially since Fena loses her memory at the end of the series. The way the series handles the villain is also pretty bad. He poses a serial threat to the entire series only to be killed for no reason. The series could have been great, but it eventually fell apart.

5 It Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland was a fantastic anime with an incredibly promising first season. The premise that children were raised as food for demons was new, and the relationships between the characters really attracted the fans. Fans could not wait for the second season to air, but once it aired, fans were shocked at how disappointing it turned out.

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The biggest problem with the second season is how different the story is from the manga. The series also decided to condense hundreds of chapters into one season, making the series feel rushed and incomplete. For a series with such a promising start, the second season and the end really missed.

4 This series was incomplete for many years (Inuyasha)

Most fans of Inuyasha have fond memories of the series. Although this series is loved, many fans have forgotten how awful the ending is. While fans have got the whole story with the second series, The final beatthat was not originally the case.

The first Inuyasha the series ends on a cliffhanger without solving any of the series’ plot lines. This would not be a problem if The final beat came out immediately after, but considering that the first series ended in 2004 and The final beat did not begin airing until 2009, leaving many frustrated fans with an incomplete series.

3 The Ending Misss The Point Of The Series (Darling In The Franxx)

Dear Franxx seems like a typical mecha series. However, it has a unique cast with great development and backstory. The relationship between Zero Two and Hiro is particularly interesting since fans can watch them grow as partners and find out how their past is connected.

Unfortunately, the end is missed. The series starts as a commentary on child soldiers, but ends as a space opera. The giant Zero Two comes out of nowhere and feels more comical than interesting. While the characters that remain on Earth can move on with their lives by forming a sustainable civilization, it seems that Zero Two and Hiro just fly out into space and die out, which is very anticlimax.

2 History was left incomplete (bleach)

Bleach is a darling from the early 2000s and is still one of Shonen Jumpits most successful series, along with Naruto and One Piece. Despite the impact this series had on the anime, it never got the ending it deserved. Like many anime from this era, Bleach is poor pace and full of rags.

Although most fans were willing to overlook these issues, its decline in popularity led to the series being canceled before the story could be completed. The abrupt end and the dull last arc almost ruin the story. Luckily for fans of Bleachthe series gets a second chance, which hopefully means it gets the ending it deserves.

1 The ending was meaningless (Black Butler)

Black Butler is a series of great style and wonderful characters. It does a good job of portraying the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian and the fine line Ciel must go by entering into an agreement with the demon. While the first season was loved for its story and characters, it completely fell apart with the second season.

Not only does it deviate from the canon story, but it added copy characters by Sebastian and Ciel that none of the fans were interested in. For many, the ending feels incredibly meaningless, which is why most fans chose to read the manga instead of watching the anime. .

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