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10 amazing Seine anime that were ruined by their endings

10 amazing Seine anime that were ruined by their endings

The Seine demographic houses many of the most decorated and beloved anime across the medium, and rightly so. The potential for the shows is clear from the start, and a good number of them follow the promise of greatness. It can not be said for every anime in the demographic, and some have rather disappointing endings.

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Some seine anime threw away their reputation when they could have ended on a high note or delivered a stronger ending. Instead, fans remember them for the disappointments they embodied in their conclusions. The sweetness of their potential further nourishes the frustration many viewers feel.

10 Initial D empties the fans with his stupid gimmicks

Introductory D put racing anime on the map. Driving over the mountain passes in the Kanto region, running to some of the most captivating Eurobeat tracks in the medium, and easily controlling the intensity and pace of the show, did not come as a surprise that Introductory D succeeded.

Unfortunately, Introductory D fought to maintain his narrative. In the quest to increase efforts and push the level of competition further, anime signed up in a corner. Turning off the headlights should be a one-time move, but it is used repeatedly towards the end. The pure racing aspect was lost just to add to the spectacle.

9 Darker Than Black’s second season got worse with each episode

If Darker than black had ended after season one, the rumor would have stuck. Although it was not good, the end of the first season tied the big stories together and gave Hi and April a certain end. The next season threw out everything that made the show work, but it could have established a new success model for the show.

The episodes gradually got worse. The ending was jarring and had no effect on viewers. Darker than black had an interesting premise with good grades, but none of it was present at the final.

8 The original ending of the Neon Genesis Evangelion is confusing

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a titan of a classic. It’s probably the most important mecca anime of the last 30 years. However, the last two episodes are too experimental for their own good. Due to complications with the production, the latest episodes hit the minds of Shinji and Asuka through stream-of-consciousness.

These scenes are very expressive moments, but they are too disconnected from the previous actions in the show. Fans would have wanted to see what happened because of the third impact. The only saving grace the show has is that of the film The end of the Evangelion trying to correct the end.

7 Panties and stockings with the garter’s closing troll audience

Gainax mixed North American cartoon aesthetics from the 2000s with rough and cheeky anime sensitivity. The result was a fun and energetic anime called Pantyhose and stocking with garters. Equally stylish and irreverent, it won fans over with its inexcusable humor and bombastic characters.

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The only downside was the end. It intentionally got a terrible plot twist just to annoy viewers towards the end. In doing so, it adds up to a sequel that fans thought would never come. That perception was true until recently when Studio Trigger announced a sequel to the show. In any case, it was a cruel move that was used to torment viewers for more than a decade.

6 Casshern Sins needed a good finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans

Casshern Sins was a reboot of a classic anime given a slimmer look and edgiere tone. The new story threw away the premise of the original show for a plot full of remorse, anger, suffering and destruction. Although it may sound overbearing, the anime managed to work in some gripping sequences that allow Casshern some growth.

Unfortunately, the tone of the show still pulled it down. The pace was at times uneven and oppressive. The show had serious strengths, but it also had elements that worked against it. Because of this, Casshern Sins really needed a strong finish to keep it all together. However, the finale was contrived and unnecessarily cruel.

5 Bokurano’s creative differences did not matter at the end

The differences between Bokuranoits manga and anime were enough. The anime director did not like the direction the manga took, so he made some changes. One of the biggest changes was the closure. It’s far less upsetting than the manga went with, but it also took from the show’s power.

Bokurano preached on accepting mortality and living with human tragedy. Trying to shoe a slightly more optimistic ending worked against everything the show stood for. The director’s vision was different from the manga’s, but the changes he made were not drastic enough to improve the show’s message. All it did was weaken the end product.

4 Re: Creators wasted a chance to become the face of Battle Royale Anime

Ever since Fate / overnight exploded as a popular visual novel and anime, it became the gold standard for Battle Royale anime. But, Re: Creators had the potential to challenge it. A premise with fictional characters preaching it in today’s Japan could have been a hit.

This enabled an incredible interplay between pop genres of media such as anime, light novels and visual novels. If it had ended properly, it could have risen from a gimmick to a support beam. Unfortunately, the ending’s melodrama was not well established to pay off, so none of it stuck.

3 Children Of The Sea did not have the driving time to deliver a proper finish

Adapting a Daisuke Igarashi manga to a movie is an incredibly challenging task. His works and ideas are too dense, and they need time to breathe and develop. Allowing the series’ message to play out will affect how the audience feels, however Children of the sea do not have that luxury.

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While the visuals are fantastic, the other half of the film is hurried and overly compressed. All the philosophical pondering of the manga was thrown aside to deliver an incredibly flashy but hollow finale. It’s a shame since the manga’s ending is one of the most beautiful in its medium.

2 ACCA: 13th Territory Inspection Department got lost in its own conspiracy

For the most part anime, ACCA: 13th Territory Inspection Department stand up for greatness. It gained momentum and had a very exciting political setup. The characters were sweet and dignified, but things started to unravel when the conspiracies began to involve Jean personally. Instead of being an investigator, his role was suddenly thrown into the heart of the coup.

Changing Jean’s role took the wind out of the series’ sails. The mystery ceased to carry weight and became ridiculous to follow. The disappointing ending resulted in the anime wasting its potential as one of the best modern political dramas in the medium.

1 The erasure cannot maintain the tension long enough

Deleted could be an incredibly engaging time travel story, a meditation on remorse and a compelling thriller at once. It balanced all three elements well during the first half, but it started to lose steam towards the end. The character motivations became weaker, the mystery lost its edge, and the time travel mechanic never developed beyond being a narrative tool.

The anime needed writing that would not settle for simple answers, characters and solutions. The final episodes were incredibly picturesque, leaving the challenging themes of more tasty sentimentality. Although the show is still worth watching, some fans may be frustrated by the wasted potential.

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